Friday, 1 February 2013

The Parallels of Fashion & Interiors

I thought we'd start this week with two fab images relating fashion to interiors. 
Fashion is continually influencing the styles and trends that we incorporate into our homes.

 So why not go ahead and look on the High Street for your inspiration for your interiors!

Decorating With Books

This week, how about you go into the loft and get those books that have been long ignored but you simply can't bear to give away. Spend a little time re-introducing them into your life. You can use them in the most unexpected of places.
Need some inspiration? Glad you asked...

Last weekend I had an interesting visit to the Baltic, Gateshead to see Jim Shaw exhibition - The Rinse Cycle. His work reflects his interest in popular culture, art history, politics, religion and mythology as well as his own unconscious mind - now there's a heady mix!!
Shaw regularly turns his dreams into drawings - really didn't want to be in his head. 
Overall a very interesting collection, you can even take the kids to this one, with the comic book images and McDonald's toy sculptures.
We stayed at the Malmaison, Newcastle with its dark and seductive interiors (not for the visually impaired!!). How relaxing it felt to sit in its sumptuous interior, whilst drinking cocktails and looking out at the amazing design of the Millennium Bridge.

Lots of fresh air this weekend for me; I’ll be busy walking Hector (no cocktails).
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


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